You know that. We know that. That’s why Rogue Wedding Company curates elopements and intimate weddings for dope couples who don’t buy into the wedding industry’s standards and rules. 

How to Elope

  1. Select what type of Rogue Wedding y’all want.
    Not sure? Take our quiz!

  2. Build your own Rogue Wedding.
    This helps us know what you’re looking for.

  3. Skype or FaceTime. We want to hear your love story, discuss your wedding day dreams, & see if we’re a fit. 

  4. Once we know we go together like PB and J, you’ll fill out a style questionnaire that helps us make all your wedding day elements perfect.

  5. Show up and get married! It really is that easy.

No matter the package, with each Rogue Wedding you’ll get the following:


Going Rogue means having your wedding your way.

Wanna know what that could look like?
Build your own Rogue Wedding by selecting one of the services below. The details are up to you.

Totally Rogue

Just the Couple
A no frills elopement package


Rogue Lite

25 Guests or Less
An all-inclusive restaurant wedding

Pricing varies


OG Rogue

25 Guests or less
A pop-up wedding with style

$1199 +


Not sure where to start?

Take our quiz and see how you should go rogue. Or build them all and see which feels right. Intuition goes a long way.