5 Stages of Wedding Planning

Navigating through the murky waters of wedding planning isn’t unlike navigating the stages of grief. And since y'all probably got engaged over the holidays, we’ve parodied the similarities so you have an idea of what you're in for when it comes to planning a wedding.

First, Denial.

You just got engaged! You spend hours on Pinterest collecting inspiring images of other people’s weddings. You start imagining wedding colors, your attire, how hot you and your partner are going to look in the wedding video that’s in your head. You daydream about what your wedding day will be like. Maybe you envision sweeping mountain views surrounded by 150 of your closest comrades or riding off into a desert sunset in a vintage car. This feeling of bliss can’t ever end, can it? It can. And it will.

Then, anger.

You’ve finally stopped Pinning and get down to planning. But, holy shit, there’s a lot of stuff to do and you don’t know what you don’t know. There’s so.many.details. Everything is so expensive. There’s so many wedding traditions rooted in sexism. Everyone seems to have an opinion. Your friends and family are constantly bombarding you with questions.

Next, bargaining.

You think, “if I can just get through this planning process, I’ll never have an ill thought about my mother again,” or; “Maybe I should just ask Lauren to be my bridesmaid, I don’t want her to stay mad at me,” and possibly; “Maybe I should forgo my vegan values and serve guests animal products at my wedding. I don’t want anyone to think I’m pushy.”

Followed by, depression.

You may start feeling like you’re not good enough, that you’re doing something wrong. There are so many details, and you’re sure you’re going to forget something. You assume everyone is going to hate your wedding. You think, “I’m going to hate my wedding.” You were told this was supposed to be the best day of your life, but you are starting to resent all of the congratulations. “F*ck it,” you think, “I’m just going to elope.”

Finally, acceptance.

You’re finally ready to admit it; wedding planning just sucks and maybe you should ask for some help. You realize you can’t do it all, and that’s okay! There’s an entire profession dedicated to this! Whether your whim to elope sticks (we support you) or you decided having a bigger wedding is important to you (and not just your family), hire a planner.

Wedding planning sucks

And it takes a whole lot of time. Life doesn’t stop just because you get engaged. Maybe you don’t have the time to dedicate to planning or maybe you just don’t want to. Either way, we’d love to hear about your big day.