Why Not...Get Married in the Morning?

Y’all. We have got to talk about morning weddings. We may be bias, but getting married in the morning is the absolute best (don't @ us). Read on for the top three reasons to get married in the morning, plus how to have your own simple sunrise ceremony.


The #1 reason for a morning wedding, obviously.

Breakfast foods are the best foods

Your brunch wedding could be as simple as coffee and donuts, as cool as a waffles & toppings bar, omelette stations, and BYO breakfast tacos, or as formal as a plated full-English breakfast. Yum!

Photo by  Zachary Hunt

Photo by Zachary Hunt

Boozy Breakfast

Brunch without booze is just a sad, late breakfast.
— Some Brilliant Philosopher Somewhere.

No matter how you spin it, brunch cocktails are classy and there’s something slightly naughty and incredibly fun about socially acceptable drinking before noon. Also, fun fact, people typically drink less in the day time, so you may be able to save some $$$ on the open bar if you have a brunch reception.


Time flies

When you have a traditional evening wedding, you’ll typically spend all day without your partner, spend the whole wedding with your friends and family, then gleefully pass on sexy time in favor of passing out from exhaustion, all while wondering where the time went.

When you get married in the morning, you have the rest of the day to do whatever you want! Take a nap. Actually, get intimate. Eat leftover cake. You have the entire rest of the day to actually spend time with your new spouse! Then you could meet up with some friends or family for a dinner to continue the celebration.


Morning weddings could save you a considerable amount of cash compared to a traditional evening wedding. We say “could,” because there might be hidden costs that you need to consider, like early start fees for hair and makeup artists.

But overall, breakfast foods are cheaper, people drink less alcohol, you may not even need certain vendors (like a DJ), and most vendors will spend less time at a morning wedding (my work day is shorter day-of, saving you money).

How-to | Simple sunrise ceremony

Dawn is the start of a new day. Your marriage is the start of a new chapter in your life. Hello, poetic symbolism!

Think your loved ones won’t get up before dawn to watch your nuptials? Think again. Morning weddings are still so unique; guests would love to be a part of something different for once!

Keep your sunrise ceremony simple. Let the love speak for itself.


Outdoors, obvi. We recommend hosting at a meaningful private residence, a home rental with a gorgeous view, or a park you love (double-check the rules and/or see if rangers will work with you).

Consider the accessibility of the space: Bathrooms? Far hike? Uneven terrain? Seating?

Food & Bev

Loads of coffee (maybe a coffee cart). A vast grazing table of assorted pastries. Plenty of champagne and OJ.


A shit ton of twinkle lights. Blankets for snuggling. Foraged flowers for the food & beverage tables.

The early bird gets the worm

We’d love to help plan your sunrise or morning wedding!