3 types of weddings you can have in Atlanta, Georgia with a $15,000 budget

So you have $15,000 to spend on your wedding? While that amount of money isn’t chump change, you might be surprised at how quickly your money will fly out of your bank account while you’re putting together all the elements of a wedding. 

Since most of you have never done this before, I’m giving you a few ways to spend your $15,000 on a fun wedding day. I encourage all everyone to plan with your “why” in mind, so each of these weddings reflects a different wedding day priority.

These are weddings that don’t follow the traditional Western wedding day script. In a big city like Atlanta, having a traditional wedding (with the average guest count of 125) with anything less than $30,000 is quite difficult. But, hey, that’s yet another reason Rogue Wed Co is a huge advocate of alternative weddings!

All of these budgets include what I personally deem “wedding must-haves:”

  • a professional photographer to capture all of your memories

  • professional planning help so you aren’t miserable throughout the planning process

  • something relating to guest experience because you’re having a wedding so you need to care about your guests (see: “Sorry, Your Wedding Isn’t for You”)

What these budgets don’t include:

  • celebrant because so many folx are having family/friends marry them these days

  • hair and makeup

  • gratuity for your wedding team (but don’t forget to tip them, okay?)

  • rings

  • honeymoon

  • any other engagement/wedding-related events

Without further ado, here are 3 different ways you can spend your $15,000 on a badass wedding day.

Fancy-ass dinner party at Oakland Cemetery for 30

Why: you want to eat really great food and offer your guests an elegant, bespoke experience.

I’m talkin’ a ceremony at dusk, followed by a four-course meal at a beautifully set table and hundreds of candles. Spend the evening leisurely enjoying your meal and sharing stories around the table over copious amounts of champagne.

  • venue: $2000

  • photographer, 4-hours. Enough time for pre-ceremony portraits, detail shots, and ceremony coverage: $2000

  • invitations (15), thank you cards (15), and postage (30) from Minted: $100.00

  • catering. Plated service with beer, wine, and a signature cocktail: $3500

  • wedding cake. Something with extra AF detailing, obviously: $450

  • rentals. Tables, chairs (ceremony and reception), linens, plates, flatware, glasses. Either go for something bold and eclectic or a dramatic monochrome color palette: $2250

  • florals. Get a statement ceremony installation and let the candles do the talking at dinner!: $2200

  • attire. For dresses, get something that packs a punch on Rent the Runway. Check out ASOS suits for unique patterns and fabrics: $1200

  • wedding planner. you trust the professional vendor team that you’ve assembled and you’re ready for someone else to take over so you can relax in the last few weeks leading up to the wedding: $1300

At-home backyard BBQ for 100

Why: you’re a homebody, but you know your wedding might be one of the few times all of your loved ones gather together. Plus, you’ve been looking for an excuse to plant a pollinator garden.

  • tent: $1500 (or $750 for rain plan only. Well, unless it rains)

  • photographer, 4-hours: $2000

  • invitations (75), thank you cards (75), and postage (150) from Minted: $180.00

  • catering, including waitstaff: $2500

  • dessert table. Don’t forget s’mores ingredients!: $450

  • mobile bar: $1050

  • wholesale beer and wine, open bar: $1000

  • rentals. Tables, chairs (ceremony and reception), linens, plates, flatware, sound system for ceremony and reception: $2500

  • florals. Personal florals and bud vases, self-pickup. You’re already in nature, so you don’t really need much: $900

  • DIY photo booth, plus props and a backdrop: $200

  • attire. No need for anything too formal. Comfort is king when it comes to the outdoors. Check out secondhand stores or online: $595

  • wedding planner. You’ve never planned a wedding before and you aren’t using an actual event venue? Hire a planner to save yourself a lot of headaches down the road: $2750

For more tips on how to throw a backyard wedding, check out this blog post.

Epic late-night dance party for 200

Why: you want your wedding day to be fueled by the love of everyone you know…and cake. Have a nice early dinner with your love and/or your families, take some portraits, then go get hitched in front of everyone you love and dance your asses off for the rest of the night.

  • warehouse space. Includes security, lighting, 10 hightop tables, dessert table, bars: $5000

  • photog, 4-hours: $2000

  • invitations (100), thank you cards (75), and postage (175): Minted $350

  • sheet cakes from Publix to feed the masses, self-pickup: $270

  • beer and wine with a signature cocktail, open bar: $4130

  • fork and dessert plate rentals, self-pickup and return: $300

  • personal florals, self-pickup: $250

  • bomb ass DJ: $1600

  • attire. Choose something sparkly!: $770

  • wedding coach to help plan the logistics. Forgo a wedding party so there is less to coordinate on the day of: $180

For more tips on how to throw a killer dance party, check out this blog post.

Curious to know what your budget can get you?

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