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3 Reasons to Elope First, then Party

Around here, we think think that elopements and intimate weddings are just the greatest way to get married. But we are often asked, “what about the party?”

Enter this new blog series “But the Party,” where we break down ways to celebrate your marriage with those who didn’t get to see you say I do

Some posts to look forward to:

For today, we’re going to give you some enticing reasons why you may want to first elope, then party.

Savor the moment

Why do both?

Some people may wonder, if you’re just going to have a party anyway, why not just have a wedding?

Well, eloping allows you to really relish the moment and gravity of your wedding day without all of the distractions that traditional weddings have. 

Weddings have a lot of moving parts that could go wrong. Doesn’t it sound nice to be able to shed that stress and just be with your partner? Vowing your life to someone is a very intimate experience, one you aren’t likely to have again. Eloping allows you to stand still in that moment and just be.


Wedding planning sucks

What's the difference, though? Isn't a wedding a party?


During the wedding planning process, couples are bombarded by both the Industry and their friends/family about what a wedding “should” be. 


This is mostly because of societal standards regarding weddings, but also because modern weddings tend to follow the same boring script: ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, dancing, cake. 

By having a party later, you take away the expectations that go along with weddings because you're just throwin' a party. 

Obviously any of the subsequent parties we suggest could also be your wedding (we’d be more than happy to make it happen), but the reason we say they should just be parties is so you can focus on starting your marriage on your wedding day, not hosting a wedding. 


Getting married is a big damn deal

So why wouldn’t I have a traditional wedding?

You are committing yourself to this one person for the rest of your life. 

Too often we have heard tales of couples not spending time together on their wedding day because they were so focused on being good hosts to their guests. 

And that's great -- for your guests.

But don't you think your wedding day should be focused on your partner and the life you are vowing to each other?

Eloping allows you to do that. Then you can be a good host when you have a party celebrating your marriage.

Raise your hand if you are spending your engagement stressing about dietary restrictions, centerpieces, or who walks where when?

Our dream for our couples is that they can spend their wedding day all goo-goo eyed, daydreaming about what the future holds for them, and discussing what the promises they made to each other will look like. 

That's why we're such big fans of elopements. 

They are so freaking romantic. 

Think eloping, then partying may be for you?

Then it probably is, tbh. But click the button below just to make sure.