But the Party | Cake and Punch Dance Party

Around here, we think that elopements and intimate weddings are just the greatest way to get married. But we are often asked, “what about the party?”

Enter “But the Party,” a blog series where we break down ways to celebrate your marriage with those who didn’t get to see you say I do.

Back in the olden days, it was common for folks to have their ceremony in the courthouse or a church, then go back to the couple’s home for cake and punch. This post is a modern-day spin on that tradition.

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Get a warehouse-vibe going at Ambient + Studio. They have a huge space that will accommodate all of your guests’ best (and worst) dance moves. 


Since you’re only serving cake and punch, get some cocktail tables and enough furniture for 2-3 lounging areas. Your guests will need a place to rest after all the dancing. 


A shit ton of cake. I love the look of mini cakes as opposed to one giant cake. If you want function over form, simply pick up a sheet cake or two from Publix. No one will judge you. 

Allison Spurlock via   A Practical Wedding

Allison Spurlock via A Practical Wedding


Try these batch cocktails: big batch Paloma cocktails, citrus beer sangria, or champagne punch. Know your guests. Are there non-liquor drinkers that roll with you? Be sure to have beer/wine for them. 


Skipping the flowers and creating a club-like ambiance is more likely to get people in the mood to dance. Several up-lights should do the trick.


Nothing is going to get people up and dancing quite like a bombass DJ. Do not underestimate the power of a quality DJ. You get what you pay for. Since this isn’t your average wedding, consider non-wedding DJs like Champagne Trap in ATL and Ella Ella in ATX. 

Celebrate your marriage

  • Give a toast

  • Have a slideshow of ceremony and honeymoon photos

*Bonus Points

  • Have a piñata.

  • Wear something that is so sparkly you alone could light up the dance floor.

  • Provide wearable glow sticks.

  • Surprise your guests with a late-night pizza delivery. 

Think eloping, then partying may be for you?

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