But the Party | Backyard Bash

How to Organize a Backyard Wedding Reception

Around here, we think think that elopements and intimate weddings are just the greatest way to get married. But we are often asked, “what about the party?”

Enter “But the Party,” a blog series where we break down ways to celebrate your marriage with those who didn’t get to see you say I do

In this post we break down all of the things that you'll need to consider when throwing a backyard bash, whether you have it at your home, a relative's, or a really nice friend's. You will also find links to local Atlanta vendors, as well as some DIY tips, tricks, and a recipe for a refreshing batch cocktail perfect for summer.

Why at-home?

You can use the party as an excuse to finally repave your patio or install those flower beds you’ve been wanting. Also, what better place to start your marriage where you have already made a home?

Prepping the space

  • rake the leaves

  • cut the grass

  • pull the weeds

  • cut back the bushes

  • trim low tree branches


If you’re anything like Lindsey (ask her about our Friendsgiving table), aesthetics are pretty important, even for a normal party. So even though the tables & chairs aren’t really that important, here’s some options that will look good on the ‘gram.


Save | Rent folding tables & cover with these DIY dip-dyed drop cloths

Splurge | Rent farmhouse tables


Save | Borrow chairs from friends/family for an on-trend mismatched look

Splurge | Rent tolix chairs


Good food is the cornerstone of a good party. Here's some options to fit all sorts of budgets. 

How to Throw a Backyard Wedding Reception | Rogue Wed Co | Elopements and Intimate Weddings | Atlanta, Georgia | BBQ.jpg

potluck-style | $

Maybe you can't really afford to feed 60 people, that's why you didn't have a wedding, duh. So opt for a potluck-style party. You could even make it a fun by having a chili cook off. 

bbq | $$-$$$

You could either have a cookout or get a caterer, but barbecue is great food for a crowd. 

food trucks | $$$-$$$$

Some of the best food we have ever eaten has been out of a truck & many will cater parties. There are quite a few options to choose from, but why not have pizza from a brick oven truck?


Don't be a garbage human -- buy biodegradable/compostable tableware.


Batch cocktails are your friend.

If you happen to enjoy gin -- it's floral and perfect for warm weather -- try this gin punch.


K.I.S.S: Keep it simple, stupid. After all, it's only a party.

  • throw up some string lights

  • light a shit ton of candles if you're feelin' swanky

  • fill bud vases with farmers' market flowers


Rent a speaker & curate a dope playlist. Or just put on your fav. Pandora station, but be sure to sign up for the ad-free trial first.

Take to the streets

If you are active in your neighborhood, why not make it a block party? Set up one long table down the middle of the street. Double-check that that’s legal or whatever.

Lindsey Kay Photography

Lindsey Kay Photography

Celebrate your marriage

  • maybe you recite your vows again

  • maybe you premiere your wedding video

Whatever you decide, it would be nice to give your guests a glimpse of what your wedding day was like. 

Consider the weather

Put a deposit on a tent. Just do it. It's insurance. You don’t have to actually use it, but you’ll want it in case it starts looking like rain.

*Bonus points

  • set up a projector to show Robin Hood for the kiddos (or, like, cool adults) because that twilight proposal scene is #goals

  • bypass the farmers' market & load up your bud vases with flowers from your garden

  • hire a house cleaner. People will have to go into your house to use the bathroom, so treat yo’ self to a professional cleaner a day or two beforehand

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