6 Things to Consider for an Outdoor Ceremony

Outdoor weddings are hugely popular and we am here for it. There is something special about committing yourself to a person in such an inspiring setting.

But as event planners who love the outdoors, we know how important it is to be prepared for anything.

In this post we’ll provide you 6 tips for having an outdoor ceremony (guests or no guests), whether you are waterfront, hiking up a mountain, in the desert, or simply in your backyard.

  1. Terrain

Feather and Twine

Feather and Twine

Once you decide where you are going to have your ceremony, be sure to let everyone who will be present know so they can wear appropriate footwear.

You don’t want your sister to show up to your beach ceremony in heels or your future FIL to wear suede loafers if you’re getting married under a waterfall.

2. Temperature

Depending on where you live and what time of year you get married, it may be ungodly hot or stupid cold.

A winter wedding may sound nice and that long sleeved wedding gown is super cute, but if you’re outside for too long in formalwear, you and everyone else will just be miserable.

3. Sun

Brooke Schwab

Brooke Schwab

Outdoor weddings = sun, hopefully! But too much of a good thing can quickly turn ugly.

If you’re going to be out in the beating sun, bring some extra bottles of sunscreen to share.

Scouting your location helps, too, because you can see where the nice shady trees are and set up under one of them the day of.

You could also suggest bringing (or provide) parasols if there isn’t any natural shade cover.

4. Rain

Conversely, you have to plan for rain. If you’re having just an intimate ceremony, so you may be able to get away with only some umbrellas.

If you’re having a larger guest count, you may want to consider putting a deposit on a tent. It’s like rain insurance.

And you definitely should get a tent if you’re planning other activities. It would be a shame to have to cancel all of your fun reception activities (like perhaps a picnic) because you chose to cheap out on the tent.

5. Bugs

Climate change is making mosquitos a pest literally everywhere these days, so if you know there will be bugs out (it’s summer, you’re waterfront, or in the mountains), bring some extra bug spray.

People love to complain, and nothing makes people hate everything faster than being eaten by mosquitos. Excessive bug bites are not what you want you or your guests to be talking about on your wedding day.

6. Guests

Angela Nelson Photography

Angela Nelson Photography

Your wedding may be about you, but it isn’t for you. It’s for your guests. So be a good host and consider their needs when planning an outdoor ceremony.

Maybe grandma can’t walk that well, so a sunrise mountaintop elopement would be out. Which is the deal breaker: having grandma there or keeping the symbolism of a sunrise mountaintop elopement? Only you can make that call, but it is something you need to consider.

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