Sorry, Your Wedding Isn't for You

But it is about you

So you’ve recently gotten engaged and you and your beau have decided you just can’t get married without your loved ones.

That’s super exciting and, even though we are elopement advocates, there’s something very powerful about committing your life to someone in front a group of folks who probably won’t be together under the same roof again. Like, ever.  

But you’ve been sold the myth that your wedding day is your day [specifically as a bride, because groom who?]

This is wrong.


It’s for your guests.

That being said, here are four simple ways to show your guests that you are a considerate and gracious host. 

4 Ways to Have Happy Wedding Guests | Rogue Wedding Company | Elopements and Alternative Weddings | Atlanta, Georgia.png

Keep the ceremony short

Yes, your guests love you.

Yes, the point of a wedding is the marriage.

But no one wants to sit through an hour long ceremony, so don’t make them.

Be sure to feed them

And don’t make them wait forever to eat.

Your food doesn’t have to be anything fancy, either.

We love a good cake and [boozy] punch reception or a spread of giant pies from the Italian AF pizzeria down the street. 

Give them some booze

Most people are totally happy spending the evening drinking and talking with friends, especially if your wedding is the first time folks have seen each other in awhile.

If you want people to shake their grove thing, they’re more likely to do so (especially at a daytime wedding) if they are supplied liquid confidence. 

Make sure they are environmentally comfortable

Use your wedding website to inform them of appropriate attire (ie, your shindig is outside, so dress for weather; or, they’re hiking up a mountain for the ceremony, so wear good shoes).

Don’t demand people to stay outside for cocktail hour when it’s 100 degrees out.



Provide a registry, because they need gift guidance.

Even if you say no gifts, you will get gifts. One more time: you will get gifts.

So if you don’t want a $300 mixer, tell them what you want.

We’re in the business of making memories

Whether you choose to elope or have a giant love-party, we don’t plan boring events that your guests will easily forget