Committing yourself to another human being is a big damn deal and you're doing it! That's cause for celebration! But, wait, where do you start? You get a planner.

How to choose the right wedding planner for y'all

You have to vibe with them

You'll be spending a lot of time talking with your planner, so you a have to actually like them. But more than that, you have to trust your planner.

Planners have a job to do -- you know, plan your wedding -- so you have to let them. The final decisions are always yours, but if you vibe with your planner, you will value their suggestions. 

Be honest about your expectations

When first meeting with a potential planner, be super honest about what you need from them.

If they can't accommodate having meetings around your crazy work schedule, can't work within your budget, or they flat out don't offer a service you want/need, they aren't the right fit. And that's okay. Keep looking. 

Trust your gut

Did you feel heard? Did you feel a connection? Did they just get you? Or did the whole consultation feel off?

If your immediate feeling after (or before!) finishing the conversation wasn't a resounding "yes," then you should keep looking.

Rogue Packages

Photo by |  Kailey Fazio

Photo by | Kailey Fazio


Totally Rogue Pop-Up Wedding
starting at | $999


A licensed celebrant and tailor-made ceremony

Marriage license filing

~1-hour photo coverage

Digital rights to images and an online gallery for downloading and sharing

Add ons available

Are y’all an adventurous couple with 25 guests or less?
Comfortable with the unpredictability of getting married outside and willing to have your first kiss in the rain, a la The Notebook  ("It still isn't over."  You know what scene I'm talking about).
Ready to start your marriage now and worry about the party later?

This package was made for you

Full-Service Wedding Planning & Event Design
average investment | $4499



Access to comprehensive wedding planning software

Planning timeline

Weekly planning "assignments"

Monthly meetings

Vendor procurement

Event design

“Go Time” Tasks * see Wedding Coordination


Seriously consider Full-Service if you…

…are indecisive.
…are trying to plan remote.
…can barely plan your meals, let alone an entire wedding.
…can't really spare the 15+ hours a week it'll take to plan yourself.
…know what you don't want, but not necessarily what you do want.

Guided Wedding Planning
starting at | $2399


Access to comprehensive wedding planning software

planning timeline

Monthly planning "assignments"

On-boarding meeting

vendor Referrals & Vendor Contract Reviews

Three (3) additional planning meetings

Final details meeting

Ceremony & reception floor plan

“Go Time” Tasks* see Wedding Coordination

Comfortable taking on the bulk of wedding planning?
Need someone to hold you accountable during the planning process?
Want to be absolutely sure you aren't missing anything?

this is your perfect package

Wedding Coordination
starting at | $1599

For Those who…

…have the time and, more importantly, the desire to plan their own wedding.
…want to be able to enjoy the final weeks leading up to their wedding day.
…want to relax on the day of and focus on their partner and guests.


Access to comprehensive wedding planning software

planning timeline

Monthly email check ins

Vendor contract reviews

On-boarding meeting

Final details meeting

“Go Time” Tasks

“Go time” tasks

Ceremony and reception site visit

Final confirmation with vendors

Ceremony flow plan

Coordination of rehearsal

Extensive wedding day timeline

Day-of ceremony and reception coordination

One (1) coordination assistant

Vendor and guest liaison day-of

Tip/remaining balance distribution on day-of

Oversee vendor set up and break down

Set up and break down of personal decor


Who we are


We are two

love-lovin’ lovers

On mission a to bring the marriage back to the forefront of the wedding industry one dope couple at a time

we might be the planners for you if y’all…

…are sick of the same boring wedding day script.
…are madly in love and care more about preparing for marriage than planning a wedding.
…believe pizza rolls > gender roles.
…want your dog at your wedding. In a flower collar.
…want a champagne tower for your wedding toast.

Somewhere along the way, the industry lost sight of the point of a wedding

  • Blame it on the burlap (why won't it go quietly to wedding heaven?)

  • Blame it on Pinterest (probably the real culprit)

  • Blame it on Millennials (everything else is)

  • Blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol

Blame it on whatever. The result is the same: weddings as a status symbol rather than a celebration of a marriage. Not to mention an industry-wide near erasure of LGBTQ+, non-thin, non-white folks (i.e. lovers just like us!) And that sucks. But we see you, lovers. We hear you.

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Your love story is important and worth sharing